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Why can't I save my project as a Web page?
Article Show All Hide All Microsoft Office Project 2007 does not support the ability to save a project file as a Web page. Instead, you can save a project as a more fle...
Project 2007
Watch this: Up to speed with Project 2007
Article This video series is designed to help you learn about using Microsoft Office Project 2007 to manage your projects. Part 1: An overview of basic elements Watch t...
Project 2007
Opening Project MPP files from different versions
Article Use Microsoft Project with previous versions.
Project 2010, Project 2007...
How your project fits into the big picture
Article Show All Hide All You’d think managing a project would be a fairly straightforward process: identify the project’s tasks, assign some people to do the work, fig...
Project 2007
A talk with Lonnie Pacelli on introducing change management to your project team
Article Lonnie Pacelli is a business owner, consultant, and author with over 20 years of experience in project management. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies incl...
Project 2007
Why can't I save my project to a database server?
Article In Microsoft Office Project 2007, you cannot save projects by using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) . This includes saving your project to an Oracle or Micros...
Project 2007
Develop practical, achievable, and believable quality standards
Article By Lonnie Pacelli One of my former clients had a large IT organization dedicated to quality management. The chief information officer mandated that every projec...
Project 2007
Watch this: Create a project from a template
Article Show All Hide All You can use project templates (template: A Project file format [*.mpt] that lets you reuse existing schedules as the starting point for creati...
Project 2007