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What do the indicators on the Tasks page mean?
Article The Tasks page displays your assigned tasks and may display a number of graphical indicators . The following table describes these indicators and their mea...
Project Server 2007
Add a task to your task status
Article Resources can add tasks to the Task Center page and then submit them for approval. After the submitted task is approved, the new task is added to the selec...
Project Server 2007
Assigning a task to another resource
Article If you are currently assigned to a task that should be assigned to another team member, you can reassign that task in Microsoft Office Project Web Access ....
Project Server 2007
Alert or remind me of changes with e-mail notifications
Article Notifications, also known as alerts and reminders, are e-mail messages sent by Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 , based on settings that are defined in Mi...
Project Server 2007
Report the status of my tasks
Article Show All Hide All In Microsoft Office Project Web Access, task status can be captured numerically as hours or percentages and narratively in paragraphs. This ar...
Project Server 2007
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