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Connect and send/receive e-mail messages
Article By default, e-mail messages are sent automatically when you click Send in a new message window. You can also manually send and receive messages at any time.
Outlook 2007
Save as XPS
Article Save Office files as XPS without needing additional software or add-ins.
Access 2013, Excel 2013...
Schedule when a send/receive command runs
Article You can configure Microsoft Outlook to check your accounts for new items on a schedule and before you exit the program. What do you want to do? Schedule a sen...
Outlook 2007
Why use Send/Receive groups?
Article Send/Receive groups contain one or more e-mail accounts, RSS feeds, and Internet published calendars that you have set up in Microsoft Outlook . The All Accou...
Outlook 2007
Initiate a send/receive
Article If you have configured your accounts to automatically check for new items and perform other tasks on a regular schedule, you can start send/receive manually. ...
Outlook 2007
Reduce mail download sizes
Article There might be occasions when, because of time or cost constraints, you want to limit the amount of data that you receive from your mail server at one time. You...
Outlook 2007
Change how often to schedule send/receive when you work offline
Article You can configure Send/Receive groups to specify how often Microsoft Outlook connects to your servers when you are working offline and to obtain new mail mess...
Outlook 2007
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