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Switch between different languages as you type
Article Use the Set Language method or the Language Bar method to switch between different languages when typing in Office 2007 programs.
Access 2007, Excel 2007...
Check spelling and grammar in another language
Article Set or change your dictionary's language to spell check an Office 2007 document written in another language, such as Spanish or French.
Access 2007, Excel 2007...
Step-by-step: Preparing your computer to type and edit text in another language
Article Guides you through all steps needed to configure your Office 2007 programs to support typing and editing in a different language.
Access 2007, Excel 2007...
Determine if you need a language pack
Article Find out if a language pack is required for what you want to do and how to check which Language Packs are installed on your computer.
Access 2007, Excel 2007...
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