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Create and print mailing labels for an address list in Excel
Article Create address labels to send a mass mailing using mail merge in Word 2007 and an address list that you maintain in an Excel 2007 worksheet.
Excel 2007, Word 2007
Watch this: Use Print Preview to get things just right
Article September 30, 200 8 Gary Willoughby Before you send your worksheet to the printer, use Print Preview to make it a thing of beauty. You can control the number of...
Excel 2007
Print gridlines in a worksheet
Article In Excel 2007, gridlines don't appear on a printed worksheet or workbook by default. This article explains how you can print gridlines.
Excel 2007
Print row and column headings on every printed page
Article Print column and row headings (also known as headers or labels) on every page of the printed Excel 2007 workbook.
Excel 2007
Preview worksheet pages before printing
Article You can avoid unexpected results and wasted paper by previewing your worksheet before printing.
Excel 2007
Print a worksheet in landscape or portrait orientation
Article Change the page orientation in the worksheet from portrait to landscape for viewing and printing in Excel 2007 (Page Layout tab, Page Setup group).
Excel 2007
Repeat specific rows or columns on every printed page
Article When an Excel 2007 worksheet spans more than one page, you can print row and column headings (also known as headers or labels) on every page.
Excel 2007
Change the print resolution or print quality for a worksheet
Article Using a high dots-per-inch (dpi) resolution for printing produces quality printing results, but it may take longer to print. You can change the resolution setti...
Excel 2007
Print comments
Article If your worksheet contains comments, you can print them as they appear on the sheet or at the end of the sheet. Click the worksheet that contains the comments t...
Excel 2007
Watch this: Create a workbook template that uses landscape orientation by default
Article Watch how to change the page orientation in the Excel 2007 worksheet from portrait to landscape for viewing and printing.
Excel 2007
Prepare a worksheet for printing
Article Before you print, adjust the format and page layout of your Exel 2007 worksheet to save time and paper.
Excel 2007
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