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Move an object
Article You can move any object, including a picture, Design Gallery object, shape, or table. Click the object or grouped objects that you want to move. Do one of the f...
Publisher 2007, Publisher 2003
Align or distribute objects
Article You can align or distribute objects either in relation to each other or in relation to the margin guides . Align or distribute objects in relation to each othe...
Publisher 2007, Publisher 2003
Send an object to the back
Article Select the object that you want to send to the back. On the Arrange menu, point to Order , and then click Send to Back .
Publisher 2007, Publisher 2003
Move an object forward or backward
Article You can change the stack's layer order — also known as the z-order — of objects in your publication so that objects can appear on top of other objects. The obje...
Publisher 2007
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