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Change the message format to HTML, Rich Text, or plain text
Article Switch the format of Outlook 2007 e-mail messages, which controls formatting options that are available such as colors, fonts, and tables.
Outlook 2007
Add links containing spaces to an e-mail message
Article Microsoft Windows supports long file names, including spaces. However, if you include a link to a file name with spaces in an e-mail message, Microsoft Outlook...
Outlook 2007
Delete a name from Autocomplete
Article AutoComplete is a feature which displays suggestions for names and e-mail addresses as you begin to type them. These suggestions are possible matches from a lis...
Outlook 2007
Copy the AutoComplete list to another computer
Article The list of names and e-mail addresses that are suggested as you begin to type in the To, Cc, and Bcc boxes can be copied and used on another computer.
Outlook 2007
Save a message
Article Email messages that you receive can be saved as a file on your computer, or a message that you are composing can be saved as a draft and finished later.
Outlook 2007
Organize messages into pre-defined groups
Article Try using arrangements to organize your Inbox. An arrangement is a predefined grouping and sorting order for messages. For example, you can arrange your message...
Outlook 2007
Prevent alternate Exchange e-mail alias suggestions
Article This feature requires you to use a Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, Exchange Server 2003, or Exchange Server 2007 account. Most home and personal accounts do not...
Outlook 2007
Apply stationery or backgrounds to e-mail messages
Article Stationery is available in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 so that you can easily personalize HTML-formatted e-mail messages. These include backgrounds and pat...
Outlook 2007
Automatically send someone a copy of messages that you send
Article In Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 , you can specify that for all messages that you send, an automatic carbon copy (Cc) is sent to other people or distribution l...
Outlook 2007
Watch this: Use formulas in tables
Article A short video that shows how formulas can be used in tables in Outlook 2007 email messages.
Outlook 2007
Turn formatting marks on or off
Article When composing an e-mail message, you might see what appear as strange symbols within your text. These symbols are actually formatting marks. Formatting marks a...
Outlook 2007
Recover deleted items
Article Show All Hide All This feature requires you to use a Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, Exchange Server 2003, or Exchange Server 2007 account. Most home and person...
Outlook 2007
Show the subject
Article Do you want to see the Subject column in your Inbox? Did you receive a message with a blank Subject line? Is the message header missing completely? See the ...
Outlook 2007
Remove names from a distribution list before sending an item
Article Customize the distribution list by removing a member of the list before sending a message.
Outlook 2007
Change the appearance of your e-mail message
Article What do you want to do? Add a background color, gradient, texture, pattern, or picture Change the font Add gr aphics Add a numbered or bulleted list Add a table...
Outlook 2007
Video: Find related messages
Article A short video that shows how to find messages related to the one you are viewing.
Outlook 2007
Watch this: Create an Outlook Distribution List
Article A short video that shows how to create distribution lists in Outlook 2007.
Outlook 2007
Check spelling and grammar, perform research, and translate your e-mail message
Article What do you want to do? Check your spelling or grammar Perform research online Translate text Check your spelling or grammar By default, Outlook checks spelling...
Outlook 2007
Create an e-mail message
Article Creating an e-mail message is the most frequent task you perform in Microsoft Outlook. This task also offers you the most options and configurations of any Outl...
Outlook 2007
Remove or change backgrounds and stationery on replies and forwards
Article You don't have to keep someone else's choice of backgrounds or stationery when you forward or reply to a message.
Outlook 2007
Insert a symbol or special character
Article You can use the Symbol dialog box to insert symbols, such as ¼ and ©, or special characters, such as an em dash (—) or ellipsis (…) that are not on your key...
Outlook 2007
Create a duplicate e-mail message
Article To quickly re-create a message to send separately to someone else, you can use a keyboard shortcut to duplicate the message. The message body will contain the ...
Outlook 2007
I can't use HTML tags in HTML e-mail messages
Article Symptoms When composing an e-mail message, you select the HTML message format, and then one or more of the following occurs: You cannot use HTML tags to compose...
Outlook 2007
Insert horizontal lines
Article Adding horizontal lines to your e-mail message can help separate sections of a long message and can add visual appeal. Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 includes ...
Outlook 2007, Word 2007
Use a theme from another document
Article Did you know that you can use themes from other documents, including documents with customized themes and documents from different 2007 Microsoft Office sy...
Excel 2007, Outlook 2007...
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