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Demo: Enable blocked macros
Article Not sure what to do when you get a security warning about a macro? Learn how to enable macros and make informed security decisions that help you work safer.
Excel 2007, Outlook 2007...
Watch this: Add and configure object shadows in Publisher 2007
Article Adding a shadow to an object can help enhance an otherwise bland publication. Watch the video for tips on how to add a shadow to an object in Publisher 2007. Wa...
Publisher 2007, Publisher 2003
Demo: Create a design scheme to brand your business publications
Article Play Demo Or download the demo. (You may experience a delay while the demo is loading.) To ensure that all your company publications and marketing materials rei...
Publisher 2007
Watch this: Add lines and arrows to a publication
Article Sometimes, just inserting text and pictures isn't enough. Adding arrows, or drawing lines between objects can help make a publication more clear. The Objects to...
Publisher 2007
Watch this: Move, align, and reorder objects in Publisher
Article Positioning several objects on a page can be a tedious task. Publisher includes some powerful features that can simplify this task and help you get your publica...
Publisher 2007
Watch this: Rotate, flip, and group objects in Publisher 2007
Article The way that pictures and other objects in Publisher are grouped will affect how they are rotated or flipped. Watch the following video to see how to rotate, fl...
Publisher 2007
Watch this: Automatically flow text from one text box to another in Publisher 2007
Article Have you just arranged several text boxes on your publication, and you need to have text flow from one text box to another? Fortunately, there is no need to man...
Publisher 2007
Demo: Personalize newsletters with E-mail Merge in Publisher 2007
Article Play Demo (Or download the demo.) You may experience a delay while the demo is loading. If your business depends on making customers feel personally cared for, ...
Publisher 2007
Watch this: Insert an empty picture frame in Publisher 2007
Article Sometimes, when laying out a publication, you may need to add a placeholder for an image that you don't have yet. When this happens, creating a blank picture bo...
Publisher 2007, Publisher 2003
Watch this: Move pages in a one-page or two-page Publisher 2007 publication layout
Article If you have added pages to your publication, you may, occasionally, need to change the order that the pages are in. The following videos demonstrate how to rear...
Publisher 2007, Publisher 2003
Watch this: Insert or copy a text box in Publisher 2007
Article Watch this video to learn how to insert or copy a text box in Publisher 2007.
Publisher 2007
Demo: Distribute publications the best way for you
Article Play Demo (Or download the demo.) You may experience a delay while the demo is loading. After you create a publication in Microsoft Office Publisher 2007, you h...
Publisher 2007
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