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Change the current master page
Article Master pages make it easy to apply a consistent look and feel to your site. Master pages define the shared content — including the logo, team site name, shared ...
SharePoint Designer 2007
Introduction to ASP.NET master pages
Article A master page is an ASP.NET page that has the file name extension .master. Master pages allow you to create a consistent appearance and layout for the pages in ...
SharePoint Designer 2007
Track customized master pages
Article Master pages are page templates that make it easier to change the fonts, formatting, and content on pages in your site. Not only do they help you in setting up ...
SharePoint Designer 2007
Create a content page from a master page
Article With Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007, you can easily create a new content page from an existing master page. That way, the new page has the same look ...
SharePoint Designer 2007
Modify the default SharePoint content placeholders
Article Content placeholder controls, which are indicated in Code view by <asp:ContentPlaceHolder> , are regions of replaceable content on a master page. You can modify...
SharePoint Designer 2007
Modify the default master page
Article Master pages provide the look and feel that you want for all of the pages in your site. By changing the styles or content of the master page, you can quickly cu...
SharePoint Designer 2007
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