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Get started with basic site customizations
Article You can quickly and easily create dynamic and professional-looking Web sites — including team sites, blog sites, and a variety of Meeting Workspace sites — by u...
SharePoint Designer 2007
Reset a customized page to the site definition
Article With Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 , you can quickly create a professional-looking site from site templates such as the Team Site and Document Work...
SharePoint Designer 2007
Introduction to building SharePoint applications
Article In this article Introduction Tools and technologies used Application architecture and development methodology Implementing common design patterns Building templ...
SharePoint Designer 2007
Upgrade considerations for customized sites
Article This article explains how the upgrade process affects customized pages on your site so that you can make any necessary changes — such as redoing or transferring...
SharePoint Designer 2007
Track customized master pages
Article Master pages are page templates that make it easier to change the fonts, formatting, and content on pages in your site. Not only do they help you in setting up ...
SharePoint Designer 2007
Create a custom list form
Article Show All Hide All By default, most SharePoint lists and libraries include forms that are displayed when you want to add an item to, or edit or display an item i...
SharePoint Designer 2007
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