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Link projects to create a master project
Article Create a master project by linking subprojects together and to view external dependencies.
Project Professional 2013, Project Standard 2013
View and update task dependencies (links) across projects
Article Show All Hide All When a task in one project has an external dependency (external dependency: A relationship in which the start or finish date of a task depends...
Project 2007
Share resources using a resource pool
Article Show All Hide All If you assign the same resources (resources: The people, equipment, and material that are used to complete tasks in a project.) to more than o...
Project 2007
Create and manage inter-project dependencies
Article Show All Hide All Inter-project dependencies provide a way for you to show that a project is dependent on the completion of another project's deliverables (deli...
Project 2007
Insert a project into a master project
Article Show All Hide All By consolidating (consolidated project: A project containing one or more inserted projects [also known as subprojects]. These can retain links...
Project 2007
Reorganize subprojects in the master project
Article If you have inserted a subproject into a master project and want to rearrange the task list, you can move the inserted project up or down the task list. On the ...
Project 2007
Plans within plans: master projects and subprojects
Article Show All Hide All Projects can get of hand quickly. Before you know it, a simple building project becomes a collage of smaller projects, such as design, excavat...
Project 2007
Make changes to a subproject without changing the original file
Article If you have created a master project that contains external links to other projects, task and resource information in the other projects is automatically update...
Project 2007
Enter task, resource, or project information in the Project Server enterprise fields
Article Show All Hide All You can view all enterprise fields for tasks, resources, or the project in the corresponding Information dialog box and then enter or change t...
Project 2007
How your project fits into the big picture
Article Show All Hide All You’d think managing a project would be a fairly straightforward process: identify the project’s tasks, assign some people to do the work, fig...
Project 2007
Combine multiple projects for ease of printing
Article Show All Hide All To print data from several projects, you can combine multiple projects in a single view. Microsoft Office Project creates a consolidated proje...
Project 2007
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