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Connect to (import) an OLAP database
Article Show All Hide All You can use an Office Data Connection (.odc) file to connect to an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) database. On the Data tab, in the Get E...
Excel 2007
Demo: Explore Adventure Works in Excel by using an OLAP PivotTable report
Article This video shows how to use a PivotTable report to analyze data that is connected to an external data source in Excel 2007.
Excel 2007
Perform an OLAP server action in a PivotTable report
Article If your PivotTable report is connected to a Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) database, you can perform a server action...
Excel 2007
Issue: Cannot Convert PivotTable cells to worksheet formulas
Article Symptoms Microsoft Office Excel cannot convert the PivotTable to formulas. Cause One or more filtered fields are not completely visible. To convert a cell to a ...
Excel 2007
Overview of Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
Article Learn about Online Analytical Processing (OLAP).
Excel 2007
SQL Server Data Mining Add-ins for the 2007 Office release
Article The Microsoft SQL Server Data Mining Add-ins for the 2007 Microsoft Office system help you derive patterns and trends that exist in complex data, visualize thos...
Excel 2007
Work with offline cube files
Article Show All Hide All An offline cube file (offline cube file: A file you create on your hard disk or a network share to store OLAP source data for a PivotTable or ...
Excel 2007
Convert PivotTable cells to worksheet formulas
Article A PivotTable report has several layouts that provide a predefined structure to the report, but you cannot customize these layouts. If you need more flexibility ...
Excel 2007
Microsoft Excel Blog: Common questions around Excel 2007 OLAP PivotTables
Article The following article is available from the Microsoft Excel team blog, which provides useful articles and news about Excel and Excel Services from the Excel pro...
Excel 2007
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