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Sort records in custom order
Article There may be times when you want to sort data, not by alphabetical or numerical order, but by user-defined order (also called custom or logical order). For exam...
Access 2007
Sort records in case-sensitive order
Article Sort records in Access 2007 according to case by running the sort against the ASCII values of the text.
Access 2007
Sort records on numeric values stored in a text field
Article Numbers and strings stored in a text or memo field are sorted alphabetically. In other words, numbers will be sorted based on the individual digits that make up...
Access 2007
Sort IP addresses
Article This topic describes the procedure for sorting Internet Protocol (IP) addresses stored in a Microsoft Office Access 2007 database. In this article Introductio...
Access 2007
Sort records on text, numeric, or date values
Article Sort Access 2007 data for a table, query, form or report.
Access 2007
Locate specific records in a database
Article As your database grows, locating specific records will involve more than a quick glance at a datasheet. In this article, learn five ways to locate specific reco...
Access 2007
Sort records based on partial values in a field
Article Sort data in Access 2007 based on part of a value, such as the month portion of a date, by creating a simple expression.
Access 2007
Save a sort order with a table, query, form, or report
Article When you sort the data in a table, query, form, or report, you can save the sort order with the object. If you sort the data in one of these objects and then sa...
Access 2007
Use AutoFilter to filter your data
Article Filter a range of data using AutoFilter to show the data you want and hide the rest.
Excel 2013
Filter: Limit the number of records in a view or report
Article Learn ways to filter data in Access to limit the records that are displayed in a query, form, or report.
Access 2003
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