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Number your headings
Article You can apply a numbering scheme to the headings in your document by using multilevel list templates and the built-in heading styles in Word (Heading 1, Heading...
Word 2007
Convert bullets to numbers and vice versa
Article Converting a bulleted list to numbers or vice versa is really as simple as clicking a button. The key is to click a number or bullet in the list level that you ...
Word 2007
Make a checklist in Word
Article Create a paper-based checklist you can print or create one with check boxes to use online.
Word 2007
Turn on or off automatic bullets or numbering
Article Turn off or turn on automatic bulleting and numbering in a document using the Autocorrect Options.
Word 2007
Create a multilevel list
Article You can create sub lists, or multilevel lists, using numbering, bullets, or other symbols. Many levels of indenting can be created using sub lists.
Word 2007
Add bullets or numbers to a list
Article Microsoft Word can automatically create bulleted and numberd lists as you type, or you can quickly add bullets or numbers to existing lines of text.
Word 2007
Add pictures, symbols, or custom bullets to a list
Article Create your own picture bullets or symbols or save a copy of one you like from any document to use in a list.
Word 2007
Sort a list alphabetically
Article Show text in alphabetical order in Word 2007, including bulleted or numbered lists, by using the sort commands.
Word 2007
Turn your text into a bulleted list
Article Create bulleted and numbered lists as you type, or you can quickly turn lines of text into a bulleted list.
Word 2013
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