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Rotate page orientation between portrait and landscape in Word 2007
Article Change the orientation of your entire Word 2007 document or how to use both portrait and landscape orientation in the same document.
Word 2007
Change or set page margins
Article How to set page margins in Word 2007 documents (Page Layout tab, Page Setup group). Includes help on setting default margins.
Word 2007
Show or hide the rulers
Article Use rulers to indent and align text, graphics, and other elements on the page.
Word 2007
My top margin is missing
Article Symptoms When you open a document, is the insertion point at the top left corner of the page, as if there were no top margin? Cause If you're reading the docume...
Word 2007
Show leaders or dots between tabs
Article Show dots or "leader" characters between tabs to visually line up information. (keywords: tab leaders, dots, decimals)
Word 2007
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