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Fill an object with a scheme color
Article Select the object you want to change. On the Formatting toolbar, click the arrow next to Fill Color . The first row displays the current scheme colors. Cl...
Publisher 2003
Troubleshoot using color schemes
Article An object changes color when I paste it into another publication. Your object is filled with a scheme color , and you are pasting it into a publication with a ...
Publisher 2003
Create and save a custom color scheme
Article On the Format menu, click Color Schemes . In the Color Schemes task pane, click Custom Color Scheme . Click the arrow next to each color you want to chang...
Publisher 2003
Troubleshoot wrong color schemes
Article The colors in the publication do not match the colors I selected in the Catalog. You might have added a color scheme to your personal information set. You'll ...
Publisher 2003
About color schemes and fill effects
Article What is a color scheme? Every Microsoft Publisher publication is automatically associated with a defined set of colors called a standard color scheme. You can s...
Publisher 2003
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