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Prevent specific capitalization and spelling corrections
Article If Microsoft Word is your e-mail editor, see Word Help . Word offers more customization options for AutoCorrect. On the Tools m enu, click Options , and the...
Outlook 2003
Change the way the spelling checker works
Article From the main Microsoft Outlook window, on the Tools menu, click Options , and then click the Spelling tab. Select the options you want. The following spel...
Outlook 2003
Add words to a custom spelling dictionary
Article Use the following procedure to add words to the dictionary Custom.dic, which is shared by all Microsoft Office programs. From the main Microsoft Outlook window,...
Outlook 2003
Find the dictionary to look up words
Article In Office 2003 you can use the dictionary to look up the definition of words using the research feature.
Excel 2003, OneNote 2003...
Change the language dictionary used for spell check
Article Change the dictionary language to spell check Outlook 2003 messages in another language, such as Spanish or French.
Outlook 2003
Check spelling
Article Spell check Outlook 2003 messages and items or configure Outlook to automatically check spelling before an item is sent.
Outlook 2003
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