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About backing up or deleting items using AutoArchive
Article Your Microsoft Outlook mailbox grows as you create and receive items . To keep your mailbox manageable, you need another place to store — archive — the old ite...
Outlook 2003
Troubleshoot backing up and deleting using AutoArchive
Article I get a message when I click Archived Folders in the Folder List . Your archive file may have been moved, renamed, or deleted. If the file has been moved, se...
Outlook 2003
Back up or delete items using AutoArchive
Article Archive older Outlook 2003 email messages and calendar items automatically to help reduce your mailbox size, but keep items in case you need them later.
Outlook 2003
Aging periods and dates used to archive items
Article The default aging periods for folders are: Inbox , Calendar , Tasks , Notes , Journal , Drafts : 6 months Sent Items , Deleted Items : 2 months Outbox : ...
Outlook 2003
Restore and view archived items
Article Restore and view messages and Outlook items that have been archived into an Archive Personal Folders (.pst) file.
Outlook 2003
Find and view archived items
Article Locate, open, retrieve, and then view your archived items and folders in Outlook 2003.
Outlook 2003
Turn off AutoArchive
Article Do any of the following: Prevent AutoArchive from running on all folders The following procedure turns off AutoArchive for all folders, including individual fol...
Outlook 2003
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