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Turn narration on or off in a presentation
Article On the Slide Show menu, click Set Up Show . To turn narration on or off, under Show options , clear or select the Show without narration check box.
PowerPoint 2003
About recording a voice narration for a presentation
Article You might want to add narration to a presentation in the following cases: For a Web-based presentation For archiving a meeting so that presenters can review it ...
PowerPoint 2003
Re-record a voice narration
Article To record narration, you need a sound card, microphone, and speakers. On the Outline tab or Slides tab in normal view, select the slide icon or thumbnail th...
PowerPoint 2003
Delete narration, music, or sound from a slide
Article On the slide, select the sound icon or CD icon , and then press DELETE . Repeat for each slide you want to delete the file from. Tip If you want to run the p...
PowerPoint 2003
Record a sound or voice comment on a single slide
Article To record and hear a sound or comment, you need a sound card, microphone, and speakers. Display the slide you want to add a sound or comment to. On the Insert...
PowerPoint 2003
Record a voice narration
Article When you record a narration, you run through the presentation and record on each slide. You can pause and resume recording. To record a voice narration, you ne...
PowerPoint 2003
Preview narration, music, or sound in a presentation
Article Do one of the following: In normal view, on the slide, double-click the sound icon or CD icon . In normal view, display the slide, and click Slide Show in ...
PowerPoint 2003
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