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Add music or sound effects to a slide
Article Add music, songs, or sound effects to a slide show You can add music, songs, or sound effects that play: Automatically when you display a particular slide. When...
PowerPoint 2003
Demo: Add music to a presentation
Article Watch the demo PowerPoint presentations obviously make for a striking visual experience, but did you know you can jazz them up even further by adding music? Fol...
PowerPoint 2003
About music and sounds
Article Show All Hide All You can add music and sounds from files on your computer, a network, the Internet, or Microsoft Clip Organizer. You can also record your own s...
PowerPoint 2003
Add a sound to an animation
Article The text or object must already have an animation applied to it before you can complete this process. On the slide, select the text or object you want to add ...
PowerPoint 2003
Change the default setting for linking sound files
Article On the Tools menu, click Options , and then click the General tab. In the Link sounds with file size greater than box, click the arrows to change the mi...
PowerPoint 2003
Play a CD during a presentation
Article Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive. On the Slides tab in normal view, click the slide you want the music to start playing on. On the Insert menu, point to ...
PowerPoint 2003
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