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Add a border to a slide
Article You can add a simple border to your PowerPoint slides by using an unfilled AutoShape. You can also add a decorative border by using Clip Art.
PowerPoint 2007, PowerPoint 2003
Insert a transparent background or watermark to your slides
Article Insert custom watermarks or backgrounds in PowerPoint 2003 presentations.
PowerPoint 2003
Add or change a background color, fill pattern, or background graphic to slides
Article See how to add or change a background color, fill pattern, or background graphic to slides.
PowerPoint 2003
Hide the background graphics
Article Hide the background graphics of your presentation while your print.
PowerPoint 2003
Change the color scheme of slides
Article Learn how to change the color scheme of slides.
PowerPoint 2003
Save a slide, background, or object as a picture
Article Save a PowerPoint 2003 slide, background, or file as a separate image file, like a JPEG (.jpg) or Graphics Interchange Format (.gif).
PowerPoint 2003
Modify a color scheme
Article Show All Hide All On the Formatting toolbar, click Design , and in the task pane (task pane: A window within an Office program that provides commonly used comma...
PowerPoint 2003
Choose the right colors for your PowerPoint presentation
Article Color can be a powerful tool for presenting information. It conveys meaning and influences attitudes. The colors you choose and the way you use them together ca...
PowerPoint 2003
About color schemes
Article A color scheme consists of the eight colors used in the design of the slide — colors for background, text and lines, shadows, title text, fills, accents, and hy...
PowerPoint 2003
Change how the outline and notes panes look in a Web presentation
Article Use this procedure to change text and background colors for the outline and notes panes of a Web presentation. In Microsoft PowerPoint, open the Web presentatio...
PowerPoint 2003
Delete a color scheme
Article On the Formatting toolbar, click Design , and in the task pane , click Color Schemes . On the Slides tab, click a slide to displ ay the color schemes ...
PowerPoint 2003
Prevent chart colors from changing when you change the color scheme
Article Use this procedure after you have set the colors in your chart, and you don't want a chart to change colors to match the color scheme of the presentation. Sel...
PowerPoint 2003
About changing the background
Article Show All Hide All You can change the background color or background design on slides, notes (notes pages: Printed pages that display author notes beneath the sl...
PowerPoint 2003
Use the color scheme of another slide or presentation
Article Open both presentations, and then, on the Window menu, click Arrange All . In both presentations, display the Slides tab in normal view. Select the slide t...
PowerPoint 2003
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