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Crabby welcomes you back after your lengthy leave
Article Crabby Office Lady Taking a leave of absence from work can be a great way to recharge your batteries and get a fresh outlook on both life and your work. Before ...
Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007...
Open another person's Calendar, Contacts, or Tasks
Article This feature requires you to use a Microsoft Exchange account. Most home and personal accounts do not use Exchange. You can quickly view another person's calend...
Outlook 2003
Add or remove holidays in your Calendar
Article Holidays through 2007 are available for Outlook 2003 and can be added to your calendar. Additional information is available for adding 2008-2012 holidays.
Outlook 2003
Troubleshoot Calendar
Article I am receiving reminders for a past appointment or meeting. You may not have dismissed a reminder for a past appointment or meeting. If a reminder is not dismis...
Outlook 2003
See and share multiple calendars
Training Want to know what others are doing, day by day, hour by hour, and let them know what you're doing, too? You can, with shared calendars in Outlook 2003.
Outlook 2003
Types of information you can share with people who use Schedule+
Article Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 does not support interaction with Microsoft Schedule+. Schedule+ information can be imported into Outlook. In Outlook, on the To...
Outlook 2003
Use vCalendar in Outlook
Article Apples to Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003 Microsoft Outlook® 2002 Both Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2002 support vCalendar, a powerful approach to electronic Persona...
Outlook 2003
About switching from Microsoft Schedule+ 1.0 or 7.x
Article After you set up Microsoft Outlook, you can import the contents of the Microsoft Schedule+ data file (file name extension .scd if you use Schedule+ 7. x , .cal ...
Outlook 2003
Create additional calendars
Article Create additional calendars when you want to track personal appointments, projects, or family activities separately from your main Outlook calendar.
Outlook 2003
Change the Calendar display start and end times
Article Applies to Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003 Microsoft Outlook® 2002 Not everyone likes to start or end the day at the same time. In Outlook, you can specify not o...
Outlook 2003
Change your Calendar work days and the start of your week
Article Applies to Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003 Microsoft Outlook® 2000 and 2002 By default, in Calendar , when you click Work Week , the calendar displays Monday, ...
Outlook 2003
Print blank calendars
Article Applies to Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003 Microsoft Outlook® 2002 You can use Outlook to print a blank calendar. Blank calendars may be useful to take notes on ...
Outlook 2003
Change the calendar time scale
Article By default, the Microsoft Outlook calendar grid appears with a time scale of 30 minutes. You can increase or decrease this scale, depending upon what you want t...
Outlook 2003
Remove items from your calendar
Article You can delete or archive older calendar items to increase available storage space or just to clean up and organize your calendar.
Outlook 2003
Organize your time with calendars and schedules
Article With meetings, social events, and a myriad of new tasks to keep you occupied, your days can get booked up fast. Use Microsoft Office to track everything from y...
Outlook 2003, Project 2003...
Delegate Access: Let someone else mind your busyness
Training Overview With the Delegate Access feature in Microsoft® Outlook® you can allow someone else to manage all the functions of your calendar. After completing this ...
Outlook 2003
Troubleshoot using Microsoft Schedule+ with Outlook
Article I converted from Schedule+ and no longer need the files. I want to remove the old Schedule+ files. If you already have Schedule+ set up on your computer when yo...
Outlook 2003
Delete duplicate calendar items
Article Applies to Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003 If you import calendar items into Outlook that are duplicates of items that already exist in your Calendar folder,...
Outlook 2003
Show multiple Calendar days or weeks
Article Applies to Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003 Outlook provides a predefined set of views for your calendar display. You can access these views from the Standard t...
Outlook 2003
Switch Calendar views between 12-hour and 24-hour clock
Article Applies to Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003 Microsoft Outlook® 2000 and 2002 Outlook uses the regional settings for your computer to determine how times appear. F...
Outlook 2003
Show Saturday and Sunday the same size as other days
Article By default, in Calendar , when you click Week or Month , the calendar displays Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday and Sunday are...
Outlook 2003
What are those symbols in my calendar display?
Article Applies to Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003 Microsoft Outlook® 97, 98, 2000, and 2002 In the Outlook calendar, symbols represent some of the features associated w...
Outlook 2003
About Calendar
Article The Microsoft Outlook Calendar is the calendar and scheduling component of Outlook, and is fully integrated with e-mail, contacts, and other features. You can...
Outlook 2003
Managing executive schedules
Article Coordinating schedules is a challenge faced by many administrative assistants. It is essential to have a good way to view individual calendars in order to effec...
Outlook 2003
Organize your calendar with the Outlook 2003 Calendar Views Add-in
Article By Jim Boyce Your calendar in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 provides a couple of features that can help you better organize appointments and events and filter t...
Outlook 2003
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