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View how a publication will look with data merged into it
Article Before you can view how a publication will look after it is merged with a data source , you must have connected your publication to a data source and inserted ...
Publisher 2003
Insert merge fields
Article You can insert merge fields into your mail merge publication or your catalog merge template during Step 3 of the Mail and Catalog Merge Wizard. Your mail merg...
Publisher 2003
Cancel a merge
Article You can cancel a merge to disconnect a mail merge publication or a catalog merge template from its data source . On the Tools menu, point to Mail and Catalo...
Publisher 2003
Print merged publications
Article Before you can print a merged publication, you must create a mail merge or a catalog merge . How? On the Tools menu, point to Mail and Catalog Merge , and...
Publisher 2003
Merge pictures into a publication
Article You can merge pictures into your publication when you create either a mail merge or a catalog merge . Before you begin your mail merge or catalog merge, you ...
Publisher 2003
Change the look of merged text
Article To format merged text, you must format the merge fields . Do not format the text in the original data source because the original formatting in the data sour...
Publisher 2003
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