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Inserting Cross-References
Article This article is an excerpt from Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft® Office Word 2003 in 24 Hours by Heidi Steele and is available in electronic format on Safari® Hel...
Word 2003
Troubleshoot cross-references
Article I can't find the Cross-reference command. On the Insert menu, point to Reference , and then click Cross-reference . I see {REF _Ref249586 * MERGEFORMAT} i...
Word 2003
Create a cross-reference
Article You can create a cross-reference only to an item that is in the same document as the cross-reference. To cross-reference an item in another document, you need t...
Word 2003
Change a cross-reference
Article Do one of the following: Change what a cross-reference refers to Select the cross-reference in the document (for example, "Figure 1"). Do not select the introdu...
Word 2003
Paragraph number options in cross-references
Article You can specify how to display cross-references to numbered paragraphs in the Cross-reference dialog box by clicking Numbered item in the Reference type b...
Word 2003
About cross-references
Article A cross-reference refers to an item that appears in another location in a document — for example, "See Figure 1." You can create cross-references to headings, f...
Word 2003
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