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Change page margins
Article How to set page margins in Word 2003 documents (Page Layout tab, Page Setup group). Includes help on setting default margins.
Word 2003
Rotate page orientation between portrait and landscape in Word 2003
Article Change the orientation of your entire Word 2003 document or how to use both portrait and landscape orientation in the same document.
Word 2003
Create a right-to-left folded booklet
Article This topic describes how to create a booklet with right-to-left text orientation, such as one written in Arabic or Hebrew, or in an East Asian language with ver...
Word 2003
Select paper size
Article On the File menu, click Page Setup , and then click the Paper tab. Click a paper size. Note To change the paper size for part of a document, select t...
Word 2003
Measure up with the horizontal ruler: Set margins, indents, and tabs
Article Show All Hide All Applies to Microsoft Office Word 2003 Microsoft Word 2000 and 2002 In Word, you can quickly set up margins, tab stops, and paragraph indents i...
Word 2003
So that's how! Great Word features
Training Overview Learn about five great features in Word. Some are brand-new with Microsoft® Office Word 2003, like the exciting reading layout view, and others are fea...
Word 2003
Restore headers, footers, and margins
Article Do header and footer margins in your Word 2003 document appear to be missing? The setting for show white space between pages may be turned off.
Word 2003
Troubleshoot margins and page orientation
Article I can't find the page orientation options. On the File menu, click Page Setup , and then select page orientation on the Margins tab. I can't find the Mirr...
Word 2003
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