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Change the default user role
Article Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 automatically specifies the first user role that is listed in the Manage User Roles dialog box as the default role for a f...
InfoPath 2003
About specifying user roles for forms
Article In Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 , you can assign users to distinct categories, called "user roles," which are based on job title or other criterion. User rol...
InfoPath 2003
Add a user role
Article As part of the form design process, you can specify user roles , or specific categories of users. For example, in a human resources department, you can specify...
InfoPath 2003
Delete a user role
Article On the Tools menu, click User Roles . In the Roles for your form list in the Manage User Roles dialog box, click the role that you want to delete. Click ...
InfoPath 2003
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