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Use Project 2007 on Office Live Workspace
Article Microsoft Office Live Workspace beta enables you to store and share Microsoft Office Project 2007 .mpp files as well as other Microsoft Office program files qui...
Project 2007, Project 2003
Open recently visited Web files
Article Using the Web toolbar , you can open previously visited Web files as long as they were opened during the current session of Microsoft Office Project 2003 . ...
Project 2003
Search the Web
Article Show All Hide All A search page (search page: A page that you use to find and go to other Internet sites or to files on an intranet. Many search pages provide v...
Project 2003
Troubleshoot navigating and publishing on the Web
Article Show All Hide All The project data doesn't show up in my Web browser. After copying or inserting the HTML (HTML: An acronym for Hypertext Markup Language, which...
Project 2003
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