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Insert an existing navigation bar
Article If you already have a navigation bar on some pages of your Web publication, but you also want it to appear on other pages, you can add it to these pages. Navig...
Publisher 2003
Change the look of a navigation bar
Article Change the design of the navigation bar buttons Select the navigation bar that you want to change. On the Format menu, click Navigation Bar Properties , and...
Publisher 2003
Create a new navigation bar
Article Navigation bars are available only if you are working on a Web publication. On the Insert menu, point to Navigation Bar , and then click New . In the Desig...
Publisher 2003
Troubleshoot navigation bars
Article I inserted a new navigation bar, but it did not update with links to all of the existing pages in my Web site. You might not have selected the Update this navi...
Publisher 2003
About navigation bars
Article A navigation bar is a grouped set of hyperlinks that enables Web site visitors to navigate to the pages on your Web site or to other external destinations. Na...
Publisher 2003
Add, remove, change, or reorder links on a navigation bar
Article Add links to a navigation bar You can use a navigation bar to provide links to other pages within your Web site, external Web sites or files, or e-mail addresse...
Publisher 2003
Delete a navigation bar
Article Delete a navigation bar Select the navigation bar that you want to delete. On the Edit menu, click Delete Object . Note If there is more than one insta...
Publisher 2003
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