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Create an outline from scratch
Article In a new document, switch to outline view . Type each heading and press ENTER. Microsoft Word formats the headings with the built-in heading style Heading 1...
Word 2003
Reorganize a document by using outline view
Article In outline view you can reorder headings and text by moving them up or down, or you can promote or demote headings or text. In order to see a document's ...
Word 2003
Text formatting in outline view
Article In outline view , Microsoft Word simplifies the text formatting to help you focus on the structure of your document. The following list describes what formatti...
Word 2003
Troubleshoot outline view
Article I switched to outline view, but the text is all at the same level. The document is not formatted with built-in heading styles . Place the insertion point in a ...
Word 2003
Create a document outline
Training Overview Outlining a document can help you conceptualize and plan its content. Find out how easy it is to create a working outline in Microsoft Office Word as w...
Word 2003
Collapse an outline to view a document's organization
Article In outline view , you can easily see a document's organization and rearrange chunks of text by collapsing an outline to show only the headings and body text yo...
Word 2003
About viewing a document as an outline
Article Outline symbols and indentations in outline view show you how a document is organized and make it easy to quickly restructure a document. To make it easier t...
Word 2003
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