Keyboard shortcuts for use while delivering a presentation in PowerPoint 2010

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts while you run your presentation in full screen mode.

Slide show shortcuts

To do this Press
Start a presentation from the beginning. F5
Perform the next animation or advance to the next slide. N, ENTER, PAGE DOWN, RIGHT ARROW, DOWN ARROW, or SPACEBAR
Perform the previous animation or return to the previous slide. P, PAGE UP, LEFT ARROW, UP ARROW, or BACKSPACE
Go to slide number. number+ENTER
Display a blank black slide, or return to the presentation from a blank black slide. B or PERIOD
Display a blank white slide, or return to the presentation from a blank white slide. W or COMMA
Stop or restart an automatic presentation. S
End a presentation. ESC or HYPHEN
Erase on-screen annotations. E
Go to the next slide, if the next slide is hidden. H
Set new timings while rehearsing. T
Use original timings while rehearsing. O
Use mouse-click to advance while rehearsing. M
Re-record slide narration and timing R
Return to the first slide. Press and hold Right and Left Mouse buttons for 2 seconds
Show or hide the arrow pointer A or =
Change the pointer to a pen. CTRL+P
Change the pointer to an arrow. CTRL+A
Change the pointer to an eraser CTRL+E
Show or hide ink markup CTRL+M
Hide the pointer and navigation button immediately. CTRL+H
Hide the pointer and navigation button in 15 seconds. CTRL+U
View the All Slides dialog box CTRL+S
View the computer task bar CTRL+T
Display the shortcut menu. SHIFT+F10
Go to the first or next hyperlink on a slide. TAB
Go to the last or previous hyperlink on a slide. SHIFT+TAB
Perform the "mouse click" behavior of the selected hyperlink. ENTER while a hyperlink is selected

Media shortcuts during presentation

To do this Press
Stop media playback ALT+Q
Toggle between play and pause ALT+P
Go to the next bookmark ALT+END
Go to the previous bookmark ALT+HOME
Increase the sound volume ALT+Up
Decrease the sound volume ALT+Down
Seek backward ALT+SHIFT+PAGE UP
Mute the sound ALT+U

 Tip   You can press F1 during your presentation to see a list of controls.

Applies to:
PowerPoint 2010