Keyboard Shortcuts for SharePoint Workspace

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ShowCommon keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts apply to items in most tools.

To do this Press
Copy the selected item as a link. CTRL+L
Copy the selected item to the Clipboard CTRL+C
Cut the selected item CTRL+X
Paste from the Clipboard CTRL+V
Undo the most recent action CTRL+Z
Redo the most recent action CTRL+Y
Go to the next item F8
Go to the previous item SHIFT+F8
Go to the next unread item. F4
Go to the previous unread item. SHIFT+F4
Mark the selected item read (remove unread marker). CTRL+F4
Mark all items read (remove all unread markers). CTRL+SHIFT+F4

Show2010 Documents tool, 2007 Files tool, 2007 SharePoint Files tool

To do this Press
Add an existing document to the workspace. CTRL+M
Delete a document. CTRL+D

Show2010 Discussion tool

Keyboard shortcuts for 2010 Discussion tools are exactly the same as those described in the next section for 2010 Lists tool.

Show2010 Lists tools

To do this Press
Delete the selected item. CTRL+D
Import data from other sources. CTRL+I
Export data to a List Data Archive file. CTRL+E
In a list view, find the next or previous item that contains the specified text. In an open list item, find the specified text. CTRL+F
In an open list item, find the specified text, and replace it with specified text. CTRL+H
Enter the Designer to modify forms and views for this list. CTRL+SHIFT+S

Show2010 Calendar tool

Keyboard shortcuts in a Calendar view

To do this Press
Create a new meeting ENTER (with no meeting selected) or CTRL+N
Open a selected meeting ENTER
Save changes in a meeting without closing it CTRL+S
Display the Month view CTRL+1
Display the Week view CTRL+2
Display the Day view CTRL+3
Display the Work Week view CTRL+4
Display the Work Month view CTRL+5
Display all meetings in a list CTRL+6
Display all active meetings in a list CTRL+7
Go to a specific date CTRL+D
Go to today CTRL+T

Keyboard shortcuts in an open Calendar meeting

To do this Press
Display the meeting profile CTRL+1
Display the meeting agenda CTRL+2
Display the meeting notes CTRL+3
Display the meeting summary CTRL+4
Delete this meeting CTRL+D

ShowNotepad tool

To do this Press
Create a new note CTRL+N
Save an edited note CTRL+S
Save and close an edited note CTRL+W
Cancel edits in a note ESCAPE
Delete a note CTRL+DELETE
Edit the selected note CTRL+E
Move to next note F8
Move to previous note SHIFT+F8

ShowPictures tool

To do this Press
Add one or more pictures to the list CTRL+O
Save a picture file to your computer CTRL+E

ShowSketchpad tool

To do this Press
Save text typed in the Type tool to the sketch CTRL+S
Selection tool S
Pencil tool P
Line tool L
Rectangle tool R
Rounded Rectangle tool O
Ellipse tool E
Polygon tool G
Text tool T

Show2007 Calendar tool

To do this Press
Create a new appointment CTRL+N
View details for a selected appointment ENTER
Go to a specific date CTRL+D
Go to the next/previous day, week, or month, depending on the Calender view PGDN/PGUP
Go to the next/previous appointment F8/SHIFT+F8
Go to the next/previous unread appointment F4/SHIFT+F4
Go to the current date according to your computer's system clock CTRL+T


To do this Press
Create a new message CTRL+G
Send a message to all members of a workspace CTRL+SHIFT+G

ShowMessage History

To do this Press
Create a new message CTRL+N
Open a selected message CTRL+O
Reply to a selected message CTRL+R
Forward a selected message CTRL+W
Delete a selected message CTRL+D
Find messages CTRL+F
Print a selected message CTRL+P
Check/uncheck "Include history in replies" CTRL+H
Applies to:
SharePoint Workspace 2010