Rackspace Cloud Storage App for Microsoft SharePoint

Rackspace Cloud Storage App for Microsoft SharePoint


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PRODUCTSharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise
This app connects SharePoint 2013 to cloud storage (Rackspace Cloud Files object storage) reducing storage costs and allowing for easy collaboration with non-SharePoint users.

Rackspace Cloud Storage App Benefits:

Reduce costs and free up valuable space on your SharePoint deployment’s Microsoft SQL Server databases by storing data in your cloud account.
Collaborate easier by sharing selected content from your cloud storage with non-SharePoint users.
Access and collaborate on data (e.g. documents, videos, pictures) stored in your cloud account without migrating that data to your SharePoint deployment.
Provide your users with a single view of all content stored in both SharePoint and the cloud.
View the contents of your cloud storage container as if those files were stored in SharePoint
Upload, download and delete files to/from cloud storage within SharePoint.
Easy to use interface. For example, drag and drop files into a “drop zone” to upload files to your cloud storage account.
Collaborate with non-SharePoint Users: If desired, non-SharePoint users can be given temporary access to specific files in your cloud storage account.

*This app requires Internet Explorer 10+ or the latest version of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox to enable upload support. Users using IE9 will be able to navigate their cloud files containers but will not have the ability to upload files.

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