Oscars Ballot Predictor

Oscars Ballot Predictor

Oscars Ballot Predictor
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PRODUCTExcel 2013
This app for Excel 2013 brings the glamour of Hollywood into a program designed more for business. Cast your vote for Academy Award nominees in all 24 categories and track their chances for winning. To get the fun started, simply download the Excel template and start the app by clicking on the icon in the top left corner. Sign in using your Microsoft ID. Hover on the floating stars to see the percentage chance of that nominee winning. Click on a star to cast your vote; your picks will be highlighted in red. Yellow stars are the frontrunners. Choose different categories by clicking in the appropriate cells in the workbook. Once you have made all your selections, navigate to the ballot tab, print it, and bring it with you to your Oscars party. The app uses constantly updated data from PredictWise.com so don’t forget to check back often to stay current on the predictions. It’s a great way to be part of the Oscars hype. You can even send the app around to your friends to add a cool new dimension to your Oscars party.
This app is built for Microsoft Excel for the purpose of viewing the nominees and predicted winners for each of the 24 categories of the Academy Awards. The app uses a prediction data feed from PredictWise.com that can be refreshed on demand. Doing so updates the visualization in the app.

The user can also select their choice of nominee for each category and their selection is shown in the visualization and recorded to a printable ballot sheet that they can take to Oscars parties for the fun of seeing how their individual choices fared versus the actual winners.

The Oscars Ballot Predictor is a very graphical, interactive, and animated app.

This app requires a specific Excel template in order to work properly. The workbook can be downloaded here: