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Intelligent Forms (
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Intelligent forms ( is an highly optimized platform which allows for instantly updated and customizable forms to make the process of data distribution streamlined for any company, regardless of the user's environment or device.

We believe that organizations should boost revenue by cutting out unnecessary procedures. What better way to do that than by utilizing the technology we carry with us?

By using on your Office 2013 you have access to the data forms that are distributed anywhere you need them making the collaboration more natural and instant.

Centrally you can customize your forms that suit your company's needs and share data immediately in a reliable manner. is ideal for medium to large companies who need to share significant amounts of data and would benefit from spending more time on the tasks which carry a heavier impact on their future.' top features are as follows:
* Flexible data acquisition and distribution. If you're in middle of the ocean on an oil rig, or deep underground mining, and you need to get information back to a boardroom in the city as soon

as possible: no problem. You can adapt the form to support the data needed and share it with your colleagues the moment you hit 'save'.

* Immediate updates. Your data will either be shared instantaneously.

* Customizable. is designed to benefit a wide market and companies, varying in size and industry, can tailor the app to their needs with minimum effort.

* Large volumes of data, simplified. Not only does allow you to cut down on project costs, but it also supports several

Paperwork in any business is important, but it doesn't need to impede your time. Why spend any more resources on time-consuming data distribution methods, when it can be as streamlined as this? is compatible with the latest Microsoft technologies so integration with existing solutions, such as SharePoint or Microsoft Office 2013.

The intelligent forms are configured in a powerful centralized database engine and contain dynamic elements which allow users to easily customize and embed their forms onto any platform without any coding skills.

The process is simple: choose your elements for the form, embed onto any webpage with a basic copy/paste function and then receive an SMS or email to receive notifications for real-time updates on the form.

Within minutes you have an adaptable form which can be updated and accessed by anyone you wish. Should you have more complex needs, then we also offer more advanced solutions to meet the challenges of distributing data within larger organizations.