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PRODUCTOutlook 2013 Outlook Web App
Harmon.ie is one of the most robust apps available for Outlook. It integrates Yammer and SharePoint features right inside your Outlook and Outlook Web Access email experience. Once the app is installed and you add your SharePoint site, it’s easy to find your SharePoint documents and subsites. You can search for a specific document (a very nice feature notably absent in other SharePoint-based apps) and connect with your colleagues via the integration with SharePoint and Yammer social features.
harmon.ie® for OWA is an Outlook® 2013 contextual widget that drives document and social adoption of SharePoint and Yammer without changing user behavior, by providing access to SharePoint and Yammer directly from the convenience of the email web client; the place where people spend most of their work time.

harmon.ie for OWA is part of the harmon.ie suite of collaboration products. Each product in the suite brings together all your favorite Microsoft collaboration tools into a single-screen experience; tools such as SharePoint, Office 365, Yammer, Office Web Apps, Lync, SkyDrive Pro, email, and the telephone. There are harmon.ie products for mobile devices, the desktop, and now the cloud.

Note: When you add a new SharePoint site or connect to a Yammer network for the first time, you must log in and authenticate from the browser using either Chrome or Internet Explorer (Firefox limitations precludes its use for this operation).

==harmon.ie Benefits==
• Eliminates document chaos – Access to SharePoint documents from Outlook.
• Prevents data leakage – Email recipients can only open documents for which they are authorized in SharePoint, because users send links to SharePoint documents, not attachments.
• Reduces email storage requirements – Using links instead of attachments reduces email storage on local servers or with Office 365.
• Boosts productivity significantly – Business users perform typical SharePoint tasks 6 times faster.
• Drives SharePoint adoption – Upload email attachments to SharePoint directly from Outlook so users can collaborate with documents easily.

==Product Features==
Document and email sharing
• Share documents easily – When sending email attachments, harmon.ie prompts users to upload the document to SharePoint and send a link instead, so users do not have to change work habits to adopt SharePoint.
• Effortlessly publish attachments to SharePoint from Outlook 2013 using the harmon.ie app.
• Yammer Micro-blogging – See Yammer social interactions directly in the email window. For instance, when selecting a colleague's image, the Yammer feed is filtered to show all the recent conversations of that colleague. Take part in and view group conversations, preview documents, and mention colleagues (@mention) in order to include them in the discussion and much more.