DocuSign for Outlook

DocuSign for Outlook

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PRODUCTOutlook 2013 Outlook Web App
Sign and return documents sent to you in seconds with DocuSign for Outlook. Once installed, DocuSign for Outlook will appear in the Outlook toolbar whenever an attachment is found on an email message. Click the DocuSign action and DocuSign will open, enabling you to use the simple drag and drop functionality to add your signature or other information to the document. When you’re done signing, return the signed document to the original sender, or save the document to your computer or OneDrive for Business.

In DocuSign for Outlook v2.0, in addition to signing attachments, you can get signatures on email attachments from others. This gives you more access to DocuSign's digital transaction management platform right from your Inbox!

From the app, you can either log in to the app with existing DocuSign credentials, or get started with a free trial of DocuSign by joining with your Office 365 credentials.

Key Features:
• Sign email attachments using DocuSign from within Outlook
• Return signed attachments to the original sender with just a few clicks
• Save signed attachments to your desktop or to a dedicated OneDrive for Business folder
• Get signatures on email attachments by specifying signers and tagging the attachments for others in DocuSign
• Create a new DocuSign account with your Office 365 credentials

Compatibility Information:
• DocuSign for Outlook is supported for the Outlook Web App and Outlook 2013 (Windows)
• DocuSign for Outlook relies on DocuSign, which is a subscription-based service. The app is designed to work with DocuSign Personal, Professional, Business, or Enterprise subscription plans. Users can also sign up for a DocuSign free trial from within the DocuSign for Outlook app.
• Downloading and printing documents from the app may not be available on Internet Explorer and Chrome.