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The Trim Spaces app for Excel from helps you delete all extra spaces in your tables with just a single click. 

Extra spaces can creep in when you get data from different sources. These extra spaces might prevent you from sorting, processing data, making calculations or creating charts. You can clear the cells of leading, trailing, or other excess spaces by following a few simple steps.

Just select the range in your worksheet, start the app and pick the options that suit you:

· Trim Leading/trailing spaces will remove all excess spaces before and after the cell values

·  Trim Spaces between words to one will delete extra spaces within cells

·  Trim ' ' will help you get rid of ' ' that are common with data from web pages

Once you click Trim, you get your spaces-free table!

Please note that any formulas in your range will be overwritten with values. You can cancel the process to keep them, or continue and have the values inserted. 

Trim spaces app is a helpful tool for any active Excel user.