Use simple search

Simple search is used by default when you type words into the search box. Items relating to those words or containing those words are returned in a list of search results, sorted by relevance. Certain items might be keyword Best Bets, and appear at the top of search results.

Your search results improve in usefulness and accuracy as you type more words into the search box.

To search for a phrase instead of the individual words in the phrase, include the entire phrase in quotation marks. For example, to search on the phrase "fiscal year" you must type "fiscal year" in the search box. If you type fiscal year without quotation marks, the search returns results associated with the individual words "fiscal" and "year."

You cannot search by parts of words or properties. For example, a query for "fish" will not return documents that contain only the word "fishbowl."

Search results include a title and address linking to each item, the author of that item, the date the item was last modified, and a brief description of the item. At the bottom of each item are three links:

  • Add to My Links    Click this link to add the item to the My Links Web Part on your personal site.

 Note   This is different from the Add to My Links link on the action bar, which adds a link for the entire search results to your personal site, and not a link to any specific item within the search results.

  • Alert Me    Click this link to add an alert to the item, so that you are alerted when the item is changed.

 Note   This is different from the Alert Me link on the action bar, which creates an alert for the entire search results and not any specific item within the search results.

  • Item details    Click this link to view more details about this item and its author. In addition to the information on the search results page, the Item Details page includes the creation date for this item, the areas to which this item has been added, and a full list of items by the author of this item. From this page, you can add the item to a new area or make this item a Best Bet.

ShowSearch for items

  1. On the portal site, in the search box, type words that describe the items for which you are searching.
  2. To narrow or broaden the scope of your search on some pages, you can click a different scope in the drop-down list next to the search box. The current scope of the search is displayed in the drop-down list box.
  3. Click the search button with the green arrow.

ShowSelect a view

  • In the Select View list, click the view you want to use. Items are displayed in that view automatically.

ShowShow or hide descriptions

You can view search results with or without descriptions for all of the items in the results.

  • In the Actions list, click Show More or Show Less.

ShowExpand or collapse groups

When you are viewing search results that are organized by groups, you can collapse the view to show only the group headings, or expand the view to show all of the items under each heading.

  • In the Actions list, click Expand Groups or Collapse Groups.

ShowAdd to My Links

  1. In the Actions list, click Add to My Links.
  2. On the Add Link page, click Share on public view of My Site to allow other users to see this link when they view your site.

The search is added to the My Links Web Part on your personal site. If you shared the link, it displays in the Shared Links Web Part of your public site.

ShowAlert me about this search

  • In the Actions list, click Alert Me.

ShowUse advanced search

  • In the Actions list, click Advanced Search. You can also click the Advanced Search icon on the search bar.

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Applies to:
SharePoint Portal Server 2003