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My Site is your personal starting point for accessing and contributing to your organization's intranet through the portal site. It provides a place to save and share your own work, a way to find other people in your organization and see their work, and a way for other people in your organization to find you and see your work.

My Site is a SharePoint site created in the portal site that provides personalized and customized information for you, and enables you to customize the information you use or present to other people in your organization.

Your personal site consists of two views: A private view for personal information that only you can see, and a public view seen by everyone else. The private view is shown by default when you view your personal site.

 Note   Other people in your organization can see your public view even if you have never created a personal site.

Regardless of the view you are using, your personal site includes action pane links to edit your profile and send a link to other users to view your site.

ShowCreate your personal site

When you first click My Site on the navigation bar of the portal site, Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 creates your personal site for you. Once your personal site is created, it appears every time you click My Site on the navigation bar of the portal site.

ShowChange the view of your personal site

  • To switch to the private view from the public view, click Private in the Select View list.
  • To switch to the public view from the private view, click Public in the Select View list.

ShowEdit your profile

  1. In the Actions list, click Edit Profile.
  2. On the Edit My Profile page, type information for the properties you want to display to other people in your organization. Some of these properties, such as the About me property, have formatting menus to change the appearance of your user profile.

 Note   The site administrator decides what properties are available for you to edit.

  1. To save these changes, click Save and Close on the toolbar.
  2. To leave your user profile without making changes, click Cancel and Go Back.

As with most other SharePoint sites, your personal site has a top link bar with the following links:

  • Home    This link returns you to the home page of a personal site. If it's your personal site, you see the private view. If it's another person's personal site, you see the public view.
  • Documents and Lists    This link shows all of the lists for your personal site, and the number of documents in each list. You can also create lists of various types from this page.
  • Site Settings    This link provides administration, customization, and information management pages for your personal site.
  • Help    This link shows help for the current page.

The Create link that is typically found in the top link bar of SharePoint sites has been replaced with Create List and Create Page links in the Actions list in the private view of your personal site. You can expand your personal site by creating lists of various types and new Web Part Pages. You can choose whether to share lists or pages with other people in your organization.

To add, remove, or modify Web Parts for any page on your personal site, click Modify My Page at the top of the page, or click Modify My Web Part on any Web Part.

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Applies to:
Deployment Center 2003, SharePoint Portal Server 2003