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SharePoint slide libraries II: Use slides in the library

Animation that shows how to open a slide library in PowerPoint.

Now, using a slightly different scenario, see how you'd do the same kinds of tasks shown previously in this lesson, but starting in PowerPoint 2007.

Let's say your presentation about the company is open in Normal view, and you think of another slide you want a copy of. It has a cycle diagram.

Connect to the library directly from PowerPoint by using the Reuse Slides task pane. First, you click the arrow on the New Slide button on the Home tab to display the layout gallery. Then you click Reuse Slides at the bottom of the gallery. Using the browse feature in the task pane, you can open your library right in the pane. Click Play to see an animation of the process.

Note   ¬†PowerPoint will include the library's path in its browse history if your presentation has been connected to the library before. If not, you need to supply the URL in the task pane.

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