Manage projects on a team site

You can manage projects and assign tasks to team members by adding task lists and calendars to your team site.

  1. Click the Working on a deadline? tile on the Get started with your site web part.

The "Working on a deadline?" tile on the "Get started with your site" web part.

  1. Click Add Them.

This adds the Tasks and Calendar apps to your team site. Next, you might want to share your team site with others who may be involved or interested in your project. If the right people already have access to your team site, then you can dive into project planning.

Plan and manage a project

The first step in planning a project is to add tasks and assign them to people. As you add your tasks, you may find that you need different fields to capture specific information. You can easily add columns to the task list.

Once you begin working on your project, there are several different things you can do:

See it in action…

This video shows how you might use your team site to manage projects, and shows how task lists work together with the My Tasks page on your personal site.

 Note    These examples are designed for Office 365, but much of the information also applies if you’re using SharePoint Server 2013.

Other ways to manage projects

While a team site may be just the right place to manage projects for some people, others may benefit from managing projects using a project site, or by using Project Web App.

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