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Make the switch to the SharePoint 2010 user interface

Test yourself

Complete the following test so you can be sure you understand the material. Your answers are private, and test results are not scored.

To return to your team site’s home page, which two of the following can you use?

Quick Launch

Navigate Up button

Browse tab

Site Actions menu

Regarding the ribbon, which two of the following are correct?

The List tab includes buttons for Show Totals and Alert Me.

On the Calendar ribbon, the tab on the right can help you work with events. The tab on the left can help you work with the calendar as a whole.

When you click Shared Documents, the New Document button isn’t visible on the ribbon.

The ribbon spans the top of your site and includes an Edit button that you can use to modify any page.

When working with a Word document in browser view, which of the following is correct?

You can view the file content, but you can’t edit it. To edit the document, you must click Open in Word.

Anyone with access to a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 or Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 team site can open a file in the browser view.

With Office Web Apps, you can view any kind of Office file in the browser.

Most likely, to view content in the browser, you will simply click the file in the document library.

When working in a list or library, which two of the following are correct?

You can select multiple items in your list or library, and then delete them all at the same time.

To view your data in datasheet view, right-click a list item and then click the Datasheet View toggle button.

To set up a phone alert for a document, select a document, and then click Alert Me on the Documents tab.

You can turn on or turn off the Show Totals button from either Standard or Datasheet view.

When editing pages, which two of the following are correct?

When you create a new page, Edit mode is automatically on. You can then click the Save button to turn it off.

If you click a link to another page while editing, clicking OK doesn’t save your changes.

Use the Editing ribbon to insert any of the following: picture, link, SharePoint list, document library, or media file.

When you create a site (or subsite), the home page immediately appears in Edit mode. You can then click the Save button to turn it off.

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