Deleting User Profiles

If you delete a user profile, you also delete the properties and values for that user. Personalized links and alerts for that user are also deleted. Though you can import any properties mapped to Microsoft Active Directory directory service during the next scheduled import, you permanently lose any custom properties that you added. You also lose any values for properties mapped to Active Directory that changed since the last import.

 Note   If you delete a user profile for a user that remains in Active Directory directory service, that user profile is automatically recreated the next time user profiles are imported.

Delete a user profile

  1. In the User Profile, Audiences, and Personal Sitessection of the Site Settings page, click Manage profile database.
  2. In the Profile and Import Settings section of the Manage Profile Database page, click View user profiles.
  3. On the View User Profiles page, click the user profile that you want to delete, and then click Delete.
  4. On the confirmation message that appears, click OK.

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Applies to:
Deployment Center 2003, SharePoint Portal Server 2003