Adding a File Type

You can add file types to be included in the content index. All files with a file extension in the list will be included in the index.

 Note   You must register the IFilter for new file types. If you add a new file type but no IFilter is registered, only the file properties are included in the index.

For more information, see About File Types for Search.

Add a file type

  1. On the Site Settings page, in the Search Settings and Indexed Content section, click Configure search and indexing.
  2. On the Configure Search and Indexing page, in the General Content Settings and Indexing Status section, click Include file types.
  3. On the Specify File Types to Include page, click New File Type.
  4. On the Add File Type page, in the File extension box, type the file name extension for the file type that you want to add to the list of file types for the content index.
  5. Click OK.
Applies to:
Deployment Center 2003, SharePoint Portal Server 2003