About views

On some pages in the portal site, you can use the action pane to select different views of the information on those pages. In most cases, those views are provided by default, and new views cannot be created.

The management pages for keywords and the portal site map have a selection of views that you can use. For more information about views for these pages, see Manage keywords and Move an area.

The Site Directory pages also provide a selection of views. You can also create custom views and edit and delete the existing views. These views and the procedures for creating and editing custom views are described in Using views in the Site Directory. These views are similar to views that can be created in SharePoint sites created by using Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services. For more information about views in Windows SharePoint Services, see About views.

Many of these views can be modified by adding filters. For more information, see About filters and the specific management pages for the pages that you are viewing.

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Applies to:
Deployment Center 2003, SharePoint Portal Server 2003