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Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 creates a portal site that remembers who you are and what information you care about and work with. Based on Web Part Pages technology, SharePoint Portal Server delivers customization and personalization that is flexible, secure, and reliable. SharePoint Portal Server provides a rich set of features focused on ensuring that users have easy access to relevant information from a variety of entry points.

  • Web Part Pages and Web Parts     SharePoint Portal Server provides site managers with a flexible policy for personalization and customization. Site managers can customize the portal site to users based on specific criteria. Portal site users can personalize the site to facilitate collaboration or to provide custom views of their projects, including by using Web sites based on Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services to facilitate team collaboration.
  • Audiences     SharePoint Portal Server allows you to target content to people according to their membership in a particular audience. By default, SharePoint Portal Server includes an audience called "All portal users." In addition to this audience, you can create other audiences, such as by department or security group. These audiences can span one or more portal sites in a deployment. After you create audiences, you can target content in the portal site for viewing by one or more specific audiences. By default, you can display targeted content on the home page and on My Site.
  • User profiles     User profiles allow you to search for and connect with people within your organization based on information people publish about themselves. Index and search services use the profile information to improve search results. You can import user profile information directly from Microsoft Active Directory directory service or enter it manually. You can also customize the default user profile page by adding properties according to the needs of your organization or to map to Active Directory data, such as Territory or Geography.
  • My Site    My Site is a personal SharePoint site created in the portal site that provides personalized and customized information for you, including content targeted to you based on your membership in a particular audience. User profile information is used to generate personal sites.
  • Alerts     SharePoint Portal Server can alert you about new or updated information on topics that match your interests. You can choose to be alerted to content you find useful, such as documents, news or other areas, or a set of search results. After you create an alert, SharePoint Portal Server notifies you when content is modified or new content matching your criteria is available. In the case of documents, alerts can notify you when Web discussion comments are added. You can view your alerts and alert results directly from My Site. You can also choose to receive alert results by e-mail.

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Applies to:
Deployment Center 2003, SharePoint Portal Server 2003