About Audiences

Audiences allow organizations to target content to users based on their job or task, as defined by their membership in a Windows 2003 security group, distribution list, organizational reporting structure, or the public properties in their user profiles.

You can target content in two ways. You can target Web Parts so that members of different audiences see different Web Parts on a page. By using Web Parts that recognize audience membership, you can also target items or links in an area to one or more audiences, so that only members of those audiences view the targeted items within the Web Parts. For example, in a default area called Human Resources, a site administrator or the manager of that area may choose to add a news item within the News Web Part targeted to all new employees directing them to the New Employee Benefits site.

Audiences are managed centrally across one or more server farms hosting Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003. They apply across one or more portals in a deployment, not to individual areas, sites, or items. You must have the "Manage Audiences" right to manage audiences. As an audience manager, you can view all members of a specific audience, as well as manage the rules defining audiences and compile audiences as the rules and members of an audience change.

To use audiences effectively, you must first create an audience and the rules that determine which users are members of that audience. You must then target an item such as a document or news item to one or more audiences. Finally, you need to store the targeted item in an area that uses a Targeted Content Web Part to display items to users of the portal site.

 Note   Audiences are not used to assign rights and permissions. SharePoint Portal Server uses site groups to assign rights and permissions to users within the portal. Audiences are used to manage how content is distributed, not to enforce security. They push information to a user, not restrict or permit access to information.

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Applies to:
Deployment Center 2003, SharePoint Portal Server 2003