Specifying the Location for Temporary Files

Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 may need to create temporary files for documents being crawled. For best performance, the temporary files location should point to a disk other than the system disk or the disk that contains any SharePoint Portal Server data files, including the full-text index files.

 Note   If this location changes, the existing files do not move to the new path. However, SharePoint Portal Server creates subsequent files in the new location.

By default, the Microsoft SharePointPS Search service (SharePointPSSearch) temporary files are stored on the operating system drive in the \Program Files\SharePoint Portal Server\DATA\Temp directory.

 Important   For SharePointPSSearch to operate correctly, you must ensure that there is sufficient space on this drive to store the SharePointPSSearch temporary files. To optimize performance, you should ensure that the property store files, the full-text indexes, the system page files, and the Web Storage System files are stored on spindles separate from the SharePointPSSearch temporary folder.

For more information, see About Data Store Files for Search.

Specify the location for temporary files

  1. On the SharePoint Portal Server Central Administration for Server server_name page, in the Component Configuration section, click Manage the Search Service.
  2. On the Manage Search Settings page, in the Servers and Topology section, click the server name.
  3. On the Search Server Settings page, click the Server Settings tab.
  4. In the File Locations section, type the location for the temporary files.
  5. Click Apply.
Applies to:
Deployment Center 2003, SPS Admin 2003