Test your Web site

ShowBefore you publish your Web site

ShowCheck your publication for problems

Use the Design Checker to scan your Web publication for common layout and Web page problems.

  1. On the Tools menu, click Design Checker.

The Design Checker will run according to the options you have set in Design Checker Options.

  1. In the Design Checker task pane, under Select an item to fix, click the arrow next to the item you want to fix, and then do one of the following:
    • Click Go to this Item to go to the page where the problem item is.
    • Click Fix:automatic fix suggestion to automatically fix the problem with the item.

 Note    The automatic fix will vary depending on the problem. In most cases, no automatic fix is available.

  • Click Never Run this Check Again to disable the check. This affects all instances of the problem.
  • Click Explain to open a help topic that more fully explains the problem and offers suggestions about how to fix it.

ShowPreview your Web site

On the File menu, click Web Page Preview. This will open your Web site in a browser. Check to make sure that:

  • Text is visible and legible.
  • Graphics are visible on each page and download quickly.
  • Hyperlinks work and take the user to expected destinations.
  • Your site opens and functions correctly on different computers.
  • Background sounds work, if used.

ShowAfter you have published your Web site

Review your Web site:

  • Access the site with your browser.
  • Read all the text.
  • View all of the pictures and other design elements.
  • Check all the hyperlinks to make sure they connect properly.
  • Test any submit or reset buttons in forms.
Applies to:
Publisher 2003