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Create catalogs or directories

Catalog merge template customized with any design elements that will appear the same on each merged page

Callout 1 Text or graphics that you insert inside the catalog merge area will repeat each time the catalog merge area repeats in your merged pages.
Callout 2 Text or graphics that you insert outside the catalog merge area will display only once per page in your merged pages.

To start a catalog merge, go to the Tools menu, point to Mail and Catalog Merge, and then click Mail and Catalog Merge Wizard. The Mail and Catalog Merge Wizard guides you through the steps involved in setting up and completing a catalog merge.

Step 1: Select a merge type

In Step 1 of the Mail and Catalog Merge Wizard, you will be prompted to select a merge type. Select Catalog Merge as the merge type. The catalog merge area will appear on the page and your active publication will become your catalog merge template.

You can customize your catalog merge template so that all of your merged pages share a common design. When you design your catalog merge template, include any text or pictures that you want to appear on each of your merged publication pages. For example, if you add a background image to the page, it will display on each of your final merged publication pages. By setting up your catalog merge template with the design elements that you want, you minimize the amount of work you may need to do after you complete the merge to polish the appearance of your merged pages.


  • Set up your catalog merge template with the same page dimensions that you want for your final merged pages.
  • Resize or move the catalog merge area to change the frequency with which it will repeat in your merged publication pages.
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